Make a $21.00 donation to set us up for success in 2021 image

Make a $21.00 donation to set us up for success in 2021

Help provide quality performing arts training and opportunities to artists with disabilities!

$2,739 raised

$2,100 goal

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Theatre eXceptional is a 501c3 non profit theatre company producing work for, about, and including adults with disabilities. We actively recruit artists with disabilities to participate in our professional productions. Additionally, we provide our students with performing arts classes taught by theatre professionals to help our students to develop the skills they need to thrive in the theatre community and in other areas of their life. Students who participate in Theatre eXceptional learn not only how to be a professional theatre artist, but also how to be a confident, independent, creative, and dedicated member of society.

Your $21.00 donation to Theatre eXceptional goes a long way!

  • One donation covers the Hourly Payment for a teaching artist
  • Two donation covers Costumes/ props for one actor
  • Three donations cover monthly rent for Costume/ Prop storage unit
  • Four donations provide a student with their own hand drum for our hand drumming class
  • Five donations provide a full scholarship to a theatre student

To learn more, visit our website or Facebook Page. To see the transformative power of the arts at work, check out our music video.